Discount per Place and Day

  1. Bookings extention has been installed in Expert hive. In this case, ‘Quantity’ has been replaced with ‘Places’ field. That is perfectly fine and logical. However, the discount which the vendor can give is only on number of days. I request that a functionality should be added where in the expert, while creating the Listing, should have an option whether he/she wants to give discount on number of ‘Places’ or by number of ‘Days’ or both seperately. That is, Discount percentage for number of ‘Places’ booked will be different (not connected to number of days) and discount percentage for number of days will be different. Hence sepereate fields are required in the Listing form, each for ‘Place’ based discount and ‘Day’ based discount. Having such an option would be beneficial for the Rental hive users as well.

  2. In Time dependent Bookings also, the discount is as per number of days whereas client is not able to select more than one day! Therefore, no discounting is possible. Here also, option should be made available to give discount based on number of Places.

  3. I request if the functionality may be made available in a month’s time frame.


Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature. However, please note that this feature will not be available in a month’s time, as more important features are currently in development. If you need it urgently, I recommend considering hiring someone on Fiver or Upwork.

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