Display attributes in a different area?

Can we move attributes area to a different area of page? or create a new attributes area?

If you view this page you will see I inserted a table of attributes at the bottom:


I would like to display attributes like the top of the page (beds, baths, etc) at the bttom because they don’t need all 20+ attributes listed at the top of the page.

Currently there are 2 pre-defined areas on the listing page (primary and secondary), moving attributes to a new area is possible but requires code tweaks. We also plan to add the ability to create custom areas in the next major update, this way it’ll be possible to override the Listing page template in HivePress/Pages and add unlimited display areas for attributes.

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Yes, that would be great - definitely would be no reason to have all those attributes at the top of the page and still want them filterable. The ability to but them below the property description is exactly what is needed.

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Also is there a way for us to order the attributes? We should be able to put them in the order we want.

Is there a filter for reordering the attributes on the admin page and also putting them in a group or tab?

The attributes seem to be in no discernible order when i go to enter them on the back end of a listing, it isn’t alphabetical and it isn’t by time/date it was added as a attribute. This really needs to be able to be ordered by the admin.

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Yes, it’s possible to order attributes by editing them and setting custom numbers in the Order field (to define the priority), they should be ordered both on the front-end and back-end then.

There’s no grouping feature yet, but we also plan to add this.

Agreed, would also like to be able to order the attributes alphabetically instead of just ordering by number. Would be very helpful!

Please clarify if you mean ordering them in the display area, or in the form (when they are displayed as fields)?

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