Display buyer order address and number to host

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Is there a way to display the order details (buyer address and number) to the host once the order has changed from ‘on hold’ to ‘processing’


Unfortunately, there is no such option, you need a custom implementation, but as a workaround, you can enable the Share the buyer details with sellers feature in HivePress > Settings > Orders.

Please Could you explain how the share functionality works.

Originally I hadn’t planned to share the buyer and seller details with each other before payment was received.

Now I’m finding that I need to share these details manually. Not great, from a design point of view? :thinking:


You need to enable this feature, then when you view an order in Account > Orders, you will see the buyer’s details.

By saying ‘you’ do you mean the seller can see the buyers details.

At what stage. Does the buys information appear on the order of the seller as it does for the admin?


After enabling this feature, the host will be able to see the buyer’s details in Account > Orders > View. I recommend enabling this feature and testing it on your end.

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