Display listing IDs somewhere

Enter a numbering to identify identical listings (/ id = 321) in URL. Many times users use the same titles to sell their used products, the only way to recognize the item you are interested in is “id = …” can you add this command line? Thank you.
In my personalized site it is done like this and it would be right to have the numbering

Thanks for your feedback. It’s already possible if you use the Default permalink structure in Settings/Permalinks but this will also disable “pretty” URLs which is bad for SEO, so we’ll consider adding listing IDs somewhere on the listing page.


Thanks for your answer, I tried in Wordpress-Settings> permalink> http://…/archives/123, but in the URL the numbering is not seen. I await your update then, thanks again.

Please add this feature and each list has unique ID and simple pretty short link for sharing like this: example.com/877843234342

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll consider adding these features.

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