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Is it possible to display the listings on ExpertHive in the same way that TaskHive or ListingHive does? This mean, I’d like to show the service with the service image first and the seller’s name below, instead of only showing the profile picture of the vendor as TaskHive does.

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It’s possible to show the listing image instead of the vendor one with a simple snippet (we can provide it), but there’s no easy way to change the overall layout from horizontal to vertical, this design is defined by the theme.

Hi Ihor,

Extending the topic:

  1. can you provide the code to change the image please?
  2. what is the main different internally of both theme (taskhive and experthive), only css and some snippets? is it the same system inside? What would be the limitations of each theme? or could I do the same on each? For example, I can book in both. can I create service packs in both?

Sorry for complicating the topic but I think it is important to know the difference more deeply in order to plan a successful directory.
Thanks in advance

  1. Please try this one Photos for Listing Searches | HivePress Support

  2. Both themes have the same functionality since they include the same set of extensions (Marketplace, Requests, Tags), only the design is different (e.g. ExpertHive shows vendor images and listings are horizontal so it’s more like Thumbtack where it’s important who provides a service, while TaskHive has vertical listings with a listing image so it’s more like Fiverr where showcasing the work examples is more important).

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