Display order details in messages

When a user buys a service directly from a service, they can chat, but within the chat, the current order is not displayed.

  • The buyer doesn’t understand that he has to mark the order as “complete” and the user who listed the service also doesn’t understand why he doesn’t get any money.

Therefore the following suggestion:

Orders should be displayed right next to the chat when the buyer and the seller communicate.

Also there should be the buttons to complete an order, or dispute

What do you think?

great. will be super helpful

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Thanks for your suggestion, this would indeed improve the UX, we’ll consider adding this.

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Is there any way to make this happen soon?

Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately there’s no exact timeframe for this feature, but if it’s urgent you can also consider ordering this functionality as a custom work https://forms.gle/rjWFzpS7nvgMi2wY9