Display registration screen first instead of login screen

Hi! The vast majority of users on my site are new visitors or have no registration. I want the popup and registration page to appear as the first option instead of the login screen.

The goal is to make the process more practical and faster for users, making it clear that we want them to register on our website!

Can you please provide a code snippet for this change of screens?

You can change the href in the button from #user_login_modal to #user_register_modal to achieve this

Hi! Thanks, but my technical knowledge is limited.

Please how exactly do I make this change? Whereas the buttons are standard HivePress.


Please try to customize the user login page by using this tutorial How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center, and add a registration page instead of the login page for this part of the template.

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet to create a modal window, it would require a custom implementation.

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