Display the booking request price details

Hello to customize and detail the booking summary block (which only specifies the total amount) I want to specify the service charge and the number of days *unit price- which file should be modified in the customization: the plug-in I imagine it is hivepress booking (but may be also woocommerce) and which file please

The booking request should display the total price but it doesn’t show the full pricing details at the moment, only the payment total. We’ll try to improve this UX in future updates, in the current version this would require advanced customizations.

Ok thank you, not being able to wait for the next updates, can you tell me which file(s) manages this block of reservation where appears that the total price because I have to add the costs of services, deposit and remainder to pay, my developer (my cousin) asks me: is it in Marketplace, booking or woocommerce and which files to customize: price.php, class_booking.php … thank you in advance

Unfortunately there’s no simple guidance for this, this requires customizations via the template filter hooks, e.g. hivepress/v1/templates/booking_make_details_page or you can also customize the booking form via the form hooks. You’d also have to add some custom functions that fetch the price extras from the total price.

we can’t find : .hivepress/v1/templates/booking_make_details_page (but we can find : class-booking-make details-page… hivepress/V1 doesn’t exist in my files

This is not a file path but a filter hook, you can use it with:

add_filter('hivepress/v1/templates/booking_make_details_page', function($template)...

To filter the template blocks, add/remove them etc.

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