Display the extra options properly on the bookings page


this will be a series of feature requests related to making Rentalhive more competitive vs Airbnb, Booking, and others…Some of these have been requested before, but I include all for clarity. I write them individually, so they can more easily be approved/rejected.

Pricing extras requests:

  1. Option for vendor to add price extra based on percentage instead of fixed value. For example “Add cleaning”…3% (adds 3% to the price of the booking)

  2. Option for guest to select quantity of the same extra. For example “Bottle of wine” “Select quantity” . And the guest can select 1, 2, 3…bottles of wine with prices adjusting accordingly

  3. Option for administrator to style the extra options section on the booking form without code snippets. For example, I would like to be able to place the price extras options wherever I want on the listing template (as a Hivepress block). As well, I would like to be able to style them: make them a list, or a dropdown, change the colors, etc…(would be helpful if you have loads of extras)

  4. Display the extra options properly on the bookings page (when you click on the specific booking that you made). Currently it just shows with no title or anything.

  5. For vendors, add option per each price extra to indicate if they want to include them in discounts or not. For example, if a vendor offers a discount of 10% for more than 4 nights booked, and offers a price extra named “airport pickup”, the vendor should decide if the discount applies to the airport pickup as well or not (by default, it would not make sense for an airport pickup, but it should be up to the vendor to decide)

  6. Option to include negative prices for extras (helpful to apply discounts for very specific cases). Currently it is possible to add negative prices via a snippet provided by Hivepress, but it does not work in practice. A vendor can set a negative price in the edit listing form with that snippet, but once a guest tries to book (Book Now), an error page displays.

Hopefully some of these options can be implemented in future updates, even with paid extensions. If any of these are approved, please simply indicate which numbers, so we can all know what to expect.

Thank you!!

(sorry, my premium support badge expired some days ago :slight_smile: )


Sorry for the delay. We have created a public RoadMap for the Bookings extension, so some of the features are already available there, please check this link: Bookings Roadmap (01/03/2024) – Asana. As for your other suggestions, we will definitely consider them for future additions. Also, as for the Marketplace extension, we plan to publish a RoadMap by the end of this month.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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