Display the previous listing when the listing is edited and waiting for the moderator's approval

Currently, when one of the listings is edited, it is completely out of the reach of the site users, and all listing information is not available to the site viewers until it is confirmed by the operator.

This is a bug and weakness for HivePress. It should be displayed previous listings until the approval of the new listings edit and the edited version should be in draft form awaiting approval.

In this way, even if it is waiting for approval for 10 days or more, the old listing will still be displayed on the site and it will be written on the panel that your listing changes are awaiting approval, but until the changes are approved by the site moderators, your previous version of the listing will still be displayed to website for all website users.

Thanks for your suggestion, we’ll consider adding this feature. Currently WordPress has a single content entry for each post (listing is a post type) and a single status so displaying a listing anyway would require creating a duplicate or blocking the listing from editing via adding an extra pending status.

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