Displaying a user attribute after creating a request

Hi. I am using RentalHive and I need it to be possible for a user who creates an account and sends an availability request to enter their phone number. And then that the host has access to this number and can call the user.

Is there currently such a possibility?


If I understood you correctly, then please try to use request attributes for this, you can create them in WP Dashboard > Requests > Attributes. But, please note that we don’t have a feature to call users.

I’m sorry, but I can’t find the place you mention. Could you please attach a screenshot?


Sorry for the confusion. If you want to share a phone number after accepting an offer, the easiest way is to send it via text message. Other options will require customization.

Yes, but then the path to reach the number is too long. Someone has to send an request, then the host has to write a message, then the user has to receive the message and send the phone number. Conversion will be very poor.

I need a solution where the user enters the phone number e.g. when registering or making an request and this number is visible somewhere to the host or at least to me as administrator.

I am open to the possibility of customisation, this is an important issue for us.


Please try using Request attributes, you can create them here: Awesome Screenshot

Thank you for your response. I couldn’t find it because I don’t have the ‘Requests’ extension purchased. Can you show/explain how this would work and look? I want to be sure that if I buy the extension it will solve my problem.

If it is important and relevant - we only operate on accessibility requests and chat between the user and the host on the platform to establish details. We do not have the Marketplace extension attached as we do not take commissions on the platform and do not want the option to pay once the enquiry is accepted to be visible and available.

Our website: https://lushspot.pl/


If you don’t have the Requests extension, please provide more details about what feature you mean by creating a request, as this feature is available in the Requests extension.

I understand. Our platform works like an online bulletin board. Hosts pay to add a listing through a third-party payment gateway we use.

We do not charge commission on bookings, so we give users two forms of booking.

  1. if the host has their own website with a booking system then we direct the customer directly to their website when they click the booking button. Example: Widokownia Brenna - luksusowe domki 💎 - LushSpot

  2. if the host does not have their website then they use the calendar built into the RentalHive theme and receive booking requests. Example: Warmia Forest Kobułty - sielskie miejsce 🍃 - LushSpot

My problem relates to case two. I would like the host, upon receiving a booking request, to be able to see the phone number that is assigned to the user who sent the request. I want the host to be able to call the user and establish all the details. This will make the process simpler and quicker than sending messages on the platform. I will attach a screenshot of where such a number could be located for example.

The number would have to be provided by the user during registration or required before a booking request could be sent. Unless you see another option.


I see. Unfortunately, there is no such feature, it will require a custom implementation.

Okay, I’m open to that. Please suggest what it might look like and how much it will cost.


Sorry, but we do not provide such services. We recommend that you consider hiring experts: Customization | HivePress