Displaying register form before signup form

Hello I am currently building a experthive website , but I want to display the register form before the sign in form how can I achieve this …


Please provide more details on what exactly you mean by “before the sing in form”. You can, for example, overwrite the Login User template in HivePress > Templates and add a registration form instead of the login form How to customize templates - HivePress Help Center. Then, when clicking on Add Listing, for example, the user will be shown the registration form first, and a link to the login form at the bottom.

I building on experthive In which the login form is a pop up form not a normal page , so I have try to override the template by adding registration form ,but the form on the pop up is not changing , how can I fix this


It’s also possible in the modal, but you need a custom implementation. If you are familiar with coding, we recommend using this hook hivepress/v1/templates/site_header_block.

You can check this sample Log in and register button is gone from mobile view header - #4 by andrii

Thanks for you help so far , but I don write , will appreciate if you can give me a code snippet to get it done by just copying the snippet and paste to the website through a code snippet plugin

Sorry, there’s no simple code snippet for this, this requires customizations which is beyond the support scope. If you’re familiar with coding or have a developer we can provide some general guidance about the hooks or API that can be used.

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