Do I need to increase storage if my site gets popular?

Hi! My ListingHive already has hundreds of posts and users who are active on my platform. As I am not a WordPress expert, I wondered what would happen if my users were thousands or even millions. Would I have to increase my site storage if there were millions of listings? Can a ListingHive site have unlimited listings?

As I am neither a software engineer nor a WP expert I would like to know what would happen if my platform got really popular (Eg. millions of users)…

Thank you for your time.


I recommend using VPS hosting instead of shared one, and setting up caching How to Speed up a Directory or Marketplace Website Built with HivePress | HivePress Blog Also, keep the number of plugins to a minimum, each plugin may affect the performance. You can also reduce the number of search filters, each extra search filter also affects the listing search speed.

There’s no specific listing limit, it depends on your hosting plan, third-party plugins, caching, optimization and content (the number of users, categories, attributes). WordPress itself can’t handle millions of users but by the time the performance causes issues you’ll be able to monetize the website in any case, and optimize or even move specific website parts to other servers (e.g. messages if they start causing performance issues).

Hope this helps.

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