Do not change Vendor URL Slug

I have the vendor display name set to a custom field called “Vendor Name” so that the user can change their name which may be one, two, or more words. It works fine. However, if they change their vendor name, the URL changes as well. It automatically changes it based on the display name. Can I stop it from doing this and only use their username in the URL to make it permanent?

I tried setting the display name back to username so the URL doesn’t change, and under the User settings there is no option to choose a custom field, just username, first name, full name, etc. Is there a php filter that allows me to add the field as an option? Or some other way to accomplish this?

I’ve wasted an entire day debugging different hooks and can’t figure it out.


I see. Unfortunately, yes, in order to prevent the slug from changing depending on the vendor name or other data, a custom implementation is required.

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