Do the ‘listing’ and ‘request’ forms share some fields?

Do the ‘listing’ and ‘request’ forms share some fields? It seems they do as when I use Loco Translate to change the name of a field title it changes in both forms.

The field in question is the “Title” field. For our application they have different meanings/context.

Is there any way to separate them or hide the field in one of the forms and display it in the other form?


These forms have no shared fields on the data-filling side, but if you translate them in Loco Translate, they will be translated similarly. Please provide more details on where exactly you need to hide this field and we will try to help.

if there is a way to edit the field name in each form, that would be ideal. if not, then we would hide the field on the ‘post request’ form.


Please check this topic Changing Add Details Title

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