Do we pay WooCommerce transaction fees for security deposits?

Hi guys,
I’m still having the same kinds of issues with the payment flows.

ISSUE =: Unable to retain security deposits or charge users for damage
→ I was supplied a PHP snipped to turn off the autocomplete of the booking, and in turn the order.

Unfortunately, even with that snippet in place, there is no way to manually complete the booking/change the booking status. The only “status” option in the booking is a checkmark for “cancelled by…”, but no way to actually update the booking status. If I use this snippet, I have to be able to update the status of the booking for record keeping, so what do I do?

Next Q: Do we pay woocommerce transaction fees for security deposits? I ask because it looks like if we do refund something before the transaction is completed, they don’t return any of their fees.
UPDATE: It appears they do. This shouldn’t work this way. I understand it’s a transaction fee, but this is off. The security deposit shouldn’t be factored into the woo-fee unless the refund is kept rather than returned to the user.


  1. It all depends on the status of the order, if the status of the order at the end of the bookings + 12 hours (by default) does not have Processing status, then there will be no auto-completion.

  2. If you are referring to WooCommerce Payments (their payment service, etc.), we do not recommend using them as they are not suitable for our Marketplace extension.

Regarding question 1: My question was “how can I update the status of the booking manually?” With the snippet in place, I need to still be able to mark the booking as complete manually so that the user and host and I see the accurate status.

Regarding question 2: I’m using the booking and marketplace extension, and must be able to take payments. Per the support article (How to start accepting payments - HivePress Help Center), in the woo > settings >payments, the woocommerce payments is the first thing suggested to use. If we’re not to use that to accept payments, what do we use?
I went ahead and switched it to Stripe, but the same thing happens, meaning that we are paying a processing fee on any deposits set, potentially nullifying profits.


  1. You can change the booking status manually in WP Dashboard > Bookings. But please note that booking and order are different things. An order is like a payment receipt linked to a booking.

  2. You can use any payment method except WooCommerce payments, it is just the first in the list because it is created by WooCommerce and it is beneficial for it to have customers use this payment method. Alternatively, you can use separate methods, such as PayPal WooCommerce PayPal Payments - WooCommerce or Stripe Stripe - WooCommerce. Most likely, Stripe charges a fee for each payment, so you need to check their documentation for more details.

@andrii Hoping I grab you while you’re still on -

You can not change the status of the booking from the booking page in the backend - that’s my problem.
The only “status” option “canceled by user”.

The other status is the status of the visibility of the booking (published, draft, pending review).

I need to be able to change the HivePress status of the booking - ie: Confirmed, unpaid, etc.


Sorry for the confusion. Bookings now have statuses like backend posts. Published means confirmed, trash means canceled, draft means unpaid, pending means pending, and a checkbox shows who canceled the booking.

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