Does replacing the current messaging system with external one (real-time) will affect updates?

Hi all, I’m about launching my platform, but I have only one downside. it’s the real-time messaging system.

If I will go to replace the current messaging system with external one, do I have to expect errors or not receiving updates.

Please advice me on what should I consider? and if you have any coming soon updates for messaging system?


This depends on the implementation, if you replace template blocks using hivepress/v1/templates/{template_name} hooks or via another method instead of editing the theme or plugin files directly, then these customizations will be safe from updates.

Yes, we plan to make Messages more chat-like but there’s no ETA for this yet.

So, should I develop a new extension for messaging, right? or is there a way to add real-time messaging functionality, like pusher api?

Yes, if you’re familiar with coding the best way is creating a custom extension, you can check our tutorial in the Developer Docs - it shows creating a custom URL, page with a custom template, etc. For real-time messaging you’d have to choose some solution not based on PHP (maybe Node) or embed a third-party service API for this.

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