Double deduction of the flat fee

There is double deduction of the flat fee.
We take 10% commission + 2 as a flat fee.

##Steps to reproduce

  1. Vendor has listed a service for 45,610.
  2. Client purchases the service for 45,610.
  3. Vendor decides to refund 10,000 from the amount paid.
  4. The work is completed.

Actual result

The final payout shown to the vendor is 40,145

Expected result

The actual result must be 40,147

Calculation of the expected result:
Initial Amount Paid for service: 45,610
Refund given by Vendor: 10,000
Commission: 10% (10% of 44,610) + 2 = (4461) + 2 = 4,463
Total Payout to vendor must be: (44,610-4,463) = 40,147

I assume that the flat fees of 2 is counted twice?


Please send temporary WP access to with details for reproducing this issue, and we’ll check it (please send only the link, without login and password). You can create a temporary access link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

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