Download vendor/listings data?

Is it possible to download user data for marketing / analysis purposes at all? I can’t seem to find the option but can see it would be very useful!

Please try using the export feature in Tools/Export, you can also use more advanced plugins like WP All Import to export customized CSV sheets if needed.

Thank you - are there any plans to have some form of solution for administrators to access data at user/creator/service level?

Our issue is that some users drop off the site before they complete their profile or create a listing - so we want to be able to put them in an email funnel


Please provide more details on what exactly you mean by user/creator/service level. Please note that most of the data is displayed on the backend in WP > Users, for example, or in Listings > Listings, so please provide more details on what data you are missing and we will try to help. Also, if, for example, a user does not complete the listing, it automatically receives the auto-draft status and then is deleted (this listing is not displayed anywhere), but we recommend using Google Analytics for this.

User/Creator = Vendor
Service = Listing

yes i can see the data in WP but i’d like to be able to export this in bulk and not manually going in to each Vendor/Listing to retrieve the email and other details.


We recommend using WP All Import but note that additional field mapping will be required. Also, please note that we store all data in the WP database, without custom database tables, so you can use any third-party plugins.
We additionally recommend testing our extension for importing listings Import - Allow users to import listings | HivePress Extensions

​I hope this is helpful to you.

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