Drive traffic from blog to home page and services

Hello guys, ive created my website and manage to write a decent amount of content, now im getting some traffic. But this traffic is only goin to the blog, because its the highest ranking page of my website(only one containing posts). Do you guys know how can i rank my homepage or at least drive traffic from the blog to the homepage and services page?
Bacuse its unusefull traffic if its only staying in the blog.

Thank you so much love this community and support❤️


Thanks for your kind words!

If you managed to drive traffic to your blog - it’s already a great step.
If you are running a blog, I believe all the content about your products/services (at least most of the content should be about your products). If that’s the case, you only have to place CTA buttons in the right places, so it’s easy for users to navigate directly to your products.

Also, if you want to “enhance” your homepage, it makes sense to link to your homepage from your best-performing articles just to “transfer” some of the link juice.

By the way, here in HivePress, we also receive a lot of traffic/customers via our blog because many of our articles appear at the top of the search results page (but not our homepage) and that’s okay. You simply have to “guide” website visitors to the right sections of your website (e.g., services, products, etc.).

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