Duplicate entries in account menu - how to edit or remove

I am having issues with the quick menu, where 6 menu items were created automatically: username (RetroDetective with icon), Settings, and Sign out - but duplicated. I have woocommerce set up, so I don’t need a sign out button. I want to customize the “settings” name, so I’d prefer to manually link to it (currently: Add or edit community directory listing), and the username is a duplication of settings - so I don’t need that.

Is there a way to just disable all of that? I’d prefer to add php to code snippets if possible, but hiding it with css is also ok.

I did see that clearing the cache helps with duplicate items in the menu, but that hasn’t seemed to help.

https://retrodetective.com - screenshot attached with highlighted areas.



This doesn’t seem to be a HivePress account menu, maybe it’s a custom menu or it’s defined by a third-party theme you’re using? The default menu looks like this https://listinghive.hivepress.io/ (you can login with demo/demo credentials to test it).

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