Duplicate listing address on the listing page

Hi there HivePress team.
I refer the topic “Add address near location map on listing page” Add address near location map on listings page - #4 by MyVeryOwnWebSite that I voted for but see there’s only two votes so far so I don’t know where on the feature request priority list this is situated.
The address field location that we’d like moved or ideally duplicated to between the Location sub heading and the map on the Listing View page. I there by chance a code snippet for this or a modified template file that we can use?
Alternately I see the original topic thread is dated Oct '22. any expected date for this change as Ihor noted it as a valid Feature Request?

Yes, this topic is specific to RentalHive theme & Geolocation so it may not get many votes, it’s not globally related to HivePress plugin functionality. Unfortunately there’s no ETA for this change yet but we can offer customization services if this helps (or you can hire someone on Fiverr and we’ll provide general dev guidance).

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