Duplicating categories from Requests to Listings section

Hi! I recently purchased ExpertHive, and I created over 50 categories under Requests (Posters). Now I would like to bulk copy the same categories for Listings (Taskers). Is there a way I can do that? Else its going to be very time consuming to create each listing again for Listers.

Also, How do I upload custom fonts and use them across the site?

Thanks in advance!


Unfortunately, this is not possible, you need a custom implementation or third-party plugins, for example, Duplicate Taxonomy Term – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org (hp_request_category and hp_listing_category). As for fonts, this also requires a custom implementation or the use of third-party plugins, for example Custom Fonts – Host Your Fonts Locally – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org (but note that additional CSS tweaks may be required here).

​I hope this is helpful to you.

Hey Andrii, thanks for your quick response.

I have a follow up question on categories -

If I create categories for Requests, do I need to recreate for Listings as well?

And - Im in Canada, where we use Postal code to geolock customers service area, so how can I get an option to include Postal codes?

Thanks in advance!


If you need a selection of categories for your listings and search by them, then yes, you can create one. But please note that these categories are not related.

Yes, you can search by location using postal codes (you will see hints with locations under this field).

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