Edit requests and customize the requests dashboard

Hi guys,

  1. It should be possible for the user to edit it’s requests just like users can do the listings.

  2. How am I able to edit the request-dashboard? Can’t find the template.

Template I’ve found:
Requests: Requests page, where all requests are listed
Request: Request detail page

Thank you


  1. Sorry, there’s no such option now, but users can delete and add another request if required. Currently, it works this way to prevent changing the request requirements after the order is made or the offer is accepted, but we’ll try to find a solution.

  2. Please send more details about this question, and we will do our best to help you.

Hi Andrii,

thank you.
2) I want to make changes on the dashboard > requests page. It‘s the page where the user can see it‘s requests. (mywebsite.com/account/requests/)

And I can‘t find the according template for it.

Please try selecting the Requests (Editing) template, it’s the page that lists requests in edit context (so in the user account).

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Sure. The only template I didn’t try. Haha Thanks buddy.

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