Elementor carousel not working on TaskHive theme

I have made a carousel with Elementor, and it was working fine on default’s Wordpress them. But now I am using TaskHive theme. The carousel is set as autoplay, but now it is showing as static.

Is there an incompatibility of Elementor’s Carousel on TaskHive theme?


We currently don’t 100% support Elementor - while you can add HivePress blocks via Elementor, advanced features are not available yet. I highly recommend using the core WordPress block editor to keep the website fast and lightweight. However, we plan to add an update for Elementor compatibility in the nearest future.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

we have the same problem. The funny thing is that the carousel in the lahding made with Elemetor worked for a few days but then it stopped working.


Unfortunately, there is no 100% guarantee that Elementor will work correctly with our themes. Also, please note that we cannot fix styling and layout issues caused by Elementor.

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