Elementor edited blog posts breaks plugin when using add listing details template

Hi and thanks for a great plugin!

I’ve found a strange bug. When using the plugin Elementor to edit blog posts AND using the add listing details template Hivepress shows the blog post instead of the add listing form. This happens even though I don’t change anything in the add listing details template. As soon as I delete the template the submit-listing/details page shows the form again instead of the blog post.

Have you any solution to this?

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Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee 100% compatibility with the Elementor yet, but we plan to release an update in the near future. I highly recommend using the core WordPress block editor to keep the website fast and lightweight.

Hi and thank you for your answer!

I do use the built in block editor for the templates. Even though I do this I can’t edit my blog posts with elementor because it breaks the plug-in. So I think it should be considered a bug.

What do you think?

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Please check if Elementor has any settings for restricting its editor for the post types, restrict it to “post” only and it should not interfere with “hp_listing” (the listing post type in HivePress).

Hi again!

In Elementor I can choose which post types it should be activated on. The listings post type isn’t checked so that should not be a problem.



Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce the issue locally. Please provide more details (your actions step by step) so that we can reproduce this issue on our side.

HI again!

  1. Install Elementor and hivepress

  2. Edit the add listing template in hivepress with wordpress block editor.

  3. Create an add listing page. Go to the page. That will work.

  4. Create a wordpress post and edit it with elementor. Add whichever widget you want, like a title widget. Save the post.

  5. Go to the add listing page now and you will see the postinfo instead of the add listing form.

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Thanks for reporting this, the bug is confirmed and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

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