Elementor support for HivePress and its themes

When will full Elementor support for the Jobhive theme be available?

The Wordpress editor is still very raw for the normal construction of pages in it.

There’s no specific ETA, but full integration with Elementor (for all HivePress themes) is on the roadmap, I moved the topic to Feature Requests so it’s possible to vote for it. Both the Templates feature and other integrations are planned for Elementor, but I highly recommend using the block editor where possible to avoid loading tons of extra scripts and styles (added by third-party page builders).

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Very much in favor of using block editors, so what I hope is compatibility with block editors such as Kadence or GeneratePress. Currently it is not easy for us to customize the page by ourselves.

Thanks, we’ll also consider integration with Kadence and GeneratePress. At the moment there’s full integration with Gutenberg and basic integration with Elementor (HivePress blocks are available in Elementor).

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