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Currently, when an booking is cancelled, I have the following problems:

  1. There is no notification sent to admins so that we can review to see if a refund is due or not. How can we make this happen? I don’t think it’s realistic to require an admin to check the booking trash every few hours to look for new cancelled bookings.

  2. The booking doesn’t collect any time/date stamp of the cancellation, rendering it impossible to know if the cancellation is due a refund based on the T&Cs. For example, our T&Cs stipulate that the buyer can be refunded in full if they cancel at least two hours ahead of the reservation. There is no way for me to see the time the cancellation happened (the “canceled by user” checkbox isn’t helpful), so no way for me to enforce the T&Cs. How can this be remedied?

  3. The booking and the order aren’t linked, so the booking shows “cancelled” and the order shows “processing”. This is VERY confusing for users. Is there a way to either A) update the orders to have a new status when the booking is cancelled or B) Add a disclaimer/note to orders where the booking has been cancelled to explain this?


  1. Unfortunately, this is not possible since the email is sent only to the vendor or the user, and a custom implementation is required. However, as a workaround, you can add a duplicate of such an email, for example, using the YaySMTP plugin How to Forward Gmail Email Using Filters

  2. Thank you for your feedback. We will try to improve the display. Currently, it is possible to view this only by the date of the email that was sent.

  3. Thank you for your feedback. We will review this in more detail and try to automate it or add a disclaimer text, but this version will require customization.

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