Email Event Tokens Not Working and Certain Events Not Available


Though not every token or every email event, a lot of the tokens don’t work. It seems that the %request%, %offer%, and %listing% (and possibly other I didn’t notice) tokens do not work at all in the email events. They simply show up as the name of the token and not the values they’re supposed to represent.

There is also no option to edit the “Offer Submitted”, “Request Submitted”, “Listing Submitted”, or “Email Changed/Confirm New Email” event emails. I understand that the “Offer Submitted”, “Request Submitted”, and “Listing Submitted” emails go to the administrator, but they should go to the user who submitted them instead/as well. They also cause an enormous influx of emails, and overriding them would allow administrators to leave them blank, effectively disabling them and preventing all of the spam.

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I have the same issue

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It’s rather not a bug, but the lack of the docs (we’re working on it) - these are object-like tokens, you can use them, but you have to set the field name this way:


Then they will be replaced properly. Thanks, we’ll consider making admin-specific emails editable, in the current version you can also customize them using Loco Translate.

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