Email notifications for new listings are not delivered

Is there a way to setup an email to notify me (via mail) each time a new listing has been added to the site and is currently pending my approval ? I would like to basicly add a bcc to the standard notification “Listing added” which is send automaticly to the customer ?
I do not know where to find this one and this thing is keeping me awake for two days straight :slight_smile:


Our plugin has such a default email event, its name is Listing Submitted.
When a new listing is created, the site administrator receives this message by e-mail.

Please make sure that you set up email correctly, please refer to this doc How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center.

Also, check if you have not overwritten this event and left it empty in HivePress > Emails, if so, such a message will not be sent to the mail.


I think my emails are setup correctly. I did a lot of test listings and everything works fine (I did test different account / emails). I do not use the external smtp service for eg. gmail. I use Default Php as the Mailer. I did install YaySMTP (right now) and it works ok. Ealier I did the same with a different plugin.

In HivePress / Emails I have a total of 7 events I can setup notifications for. Those messages are setup correctly. They are delivered correctly as well. All WooCommerce emails also works fine.
However the notification I am asking about is not on that list. I cannot do “listings added” notification mail in settings. It works, this notification is sent automatically to the listings author. I (as a admin) do not get it.
However i did find a plugin called “BCC Everything” and now I do get that email, as well as all the other emails from the site . This is the only way I successfully receive those messages (about the new listings waiting for my approval) as the site admin.

Sorry, we can’t suggest anything regarding the PHP mailer, I highly recommend using any reliable email service or SMTP server, otherwise outgoing emails will most likely be filtered as spam or not filtered at all. If you use YaySMTP, please let me know once you link your site with an email service (e.g. Gmail or Sendgrid), this ensures deliverability. Once you set this up you can test outgoing emails via the Test Email feature.

Thank You ihor,
I do not have a problem with marking “my” messages as spam .
I was just looking for a way to edit the first message, but I did achieved my goal with that BCC plugin.
I am using the YaySMTP and it works ok. I did replace my previous plugins with this one.
Thank You.

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