Email token does not work


WP dashboard > HivePress > Email > Settings Event > Message Received

Just to confirm that some email tokens are still not working such as %sender% (sender email) and that a token to display the title of a listing in the subject field would be very useful.



Sorry for the inconvenience, we have no docs about those tokens yet (but we’re working on it).

%sender% is an “object” token, and it requires a field name, so you can use them this way, for example:

“Object-like” tokens were added as a workaround for a limited list of regular tokens, this way it’s possible to access any field of the sender, recipient or message.

​I hope this is helpful to you.

I will wait then but you already mentioned on another post but it didn’t work on my side either. Thanks

It works with %sender.display_name%.

Now, how can we use a token that takes the url page from where a user sends a message knowing that a user can send a message from 1) the listing page or 2) the vendor’s page.


Unfortunately there’s no such option at the moment, the message context may be different (e.g. it can be sent directly via the conversation page in Account/Message).

I will go that way Overwriting Emails - #8 by Seegon

It works great with loco translate except that you cannot format the body message (you cannot add space, bullets, etc), it’s all on 1 line. Thus very messy.

On loco translate, i read that you can enable HTML formatting on particular string.

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