Email tokens don't work

Hi, I can¨not find the way to run the shortcodes in my platform…I tried different configurations without success. is necessary you create a video for this issue.


Thanks for the feedback, we will try to improve the documentation soon.

Your screenshot shows incorrect keywords, you need to specify through a dot, for example, %message.text%, %sender.username% etc.

definitely doesnt works…

Please try using tokens indicated in the Details section on your screenshot. If you use object-like tokens (those without underscore) like %message%, %sender%, etc. they always require the field name after a dot. Let me know which details you want to include in the email and I’ll try to help.

will start first configurating email for new messages:

sender username
User username
message titlle
Message Content

Exist a list of exisitng token ?

Yes, the list is displayed on the screenshot above, but object-like tokens (those without underscore) require a field name after a dot. For the details you mentioned, try these tokens:


Messages don’t have titles, only texts.

Impossible to make work it…

Ready…works editing in HTM only. thanks!