Email tokens setup/list

I am trying to figure out the email tokens section.

  1. Is there a list that shows the tokens and then what each token represents exactly
  2. I need to know how to personalize an object token, for instance the %booking% token does not display correctly as it is an object token, but how do I know what to put after an _ or . to make it display something (for instance the check in or check out date or price etc.)
  • when do we use _ and when do we use .
  • how do I know what to add after _ or . to personalize

I refer to the following from the support:
You can use tokens to personalize the content. For example, add the %user_name% token to include the email recipient’s name. Also, if there’s an object token (without underscores) like %user% or %listing%, you can display any field this way: %user.first_name%

How do I know what words can be used after _ or . to generate something succesfully

Hope this makes sense?


We plan to add the display of all tokens for each email event in the next updates. Please provide us with more details on which token is not working and in which email event, and we will try to help.

Thanks Andrii. With trial and error I managed to sort this out. On the email topic also, is there a way to send ‘test’ emails so that you do not need to perform the actual event to see what is displayed in the token space?


Sure, please check this doc How to customize emails - HivePress Help Center. With this plugin, you will be able to send test emails.

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