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I have currently enabled email verification for my users. When a new user tries to add a listing, the user registers and has to click the verification link sent to the email ID to complete registration.

The issue I am facing is that the user is sent 2 emails upon registering. The first one says “Registration complete” and the second one says “Email Verification” in the subject line respectively. Ideally, the user should first receive the “email verification” email and then receive the “registration complete” email upon successfully verifying the email ID. How do I do that?

Any tips on fixing this issue?

Yes, the registration email is always there because the email verification is optional in HivePress, but we plan to improve this to trigger the registration email only after the verification (if it’s enabled), this will be added to the next update. You can also disable the registration email and customize the email verification one for both purposes, to welcome users and provide the verification link.

How do I do this?


1 - Go to HivePress>Emails
2 - Add Email > In the Add Title, leave it blank and also leave blank the main message input box.
3 - On the same page, look for the Event MENU. There is a dropdown menu there, find USER REGISTERED and select it.
4 - PUBLISH it.
5 - If you have followed correctly the above steps, it will disable the REGISTRATION COMPLETE EMAIL.

Now let us customize the email verification email for both welcoming users and for verification purposes.

1 - Go to HivePress>Emails
2 - Add Email > In the ADD TITLE section, you can now name it eg Welcome and Verification Email.
3 - In the main section for inputting email content, The following tokens are available: %user_name% , %email_verify_url% , %user% .
4 - ADD your desired welcome content example below,

Dear %user_name%,

Thank you for joining

To verify your email address, please click the URL below.


Good day.

The system will replace the tokens with the required information.

I hope i have helped you on your question.


Thank you so much! It worked! Only, I would like to add, for anyone trying to do the same: for the second email that you create as mentioned, you need to select “Email verification” as the event type.

Is there any way to prompt the user to check their spam folder for the email verification link? I noticed that after setting this up, the email went to my gmail “promotions” folder.

Please follow the doc on How to change any static text - HivePress Help Center to change the registration form message (e.g., add a text about checking the spam folder).
I also recommend setting up emails to prevent filtering them as spam.

I have already setup Sendingblue as my mailer. The emails are getting delivered fine just that, since I did what suggested, the emails are going into my spam folder it seems. Is there any particular setting I need to change?

If SMTP is 100% set up and you checked this via the Test Email tool, there’s probably something related to the email content; some keywords may trigger the spam filter. I recommend changing the email subject and text, and testing if this issue persists.

In which Hivepress plugin will this update be available?

If you want to setup emails so that they have your own website as the sender you should go through this and follow the instructions: How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

If you have already setup the mailer and are facing the same issue as me,’s method worked for me.

Hope this helps

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If you mean the email order fix for the verification/registration emails, it will be added to the HivePress core update.

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