Emails default text content and placeholders

where can i find all the default context of the event messages. so i can translate them and put the context correctly + the placeholders of such links

edit: when i get emails for password resets etc , it says from worpdress, does anyone know how to change it?

If you mean some static texts, they are all available in the Loco plugin translation editor. If you mean email tokens please select an email event when you add a new email, once you save changes a list of tokens will appear in the Details box.

You can change the “from” email using third-party plugins, e.g. YaySMTP (it’s also recommended to make your website emails trusted).

Ok so if i understand correctly, adding a blank will add the default static i translated already,

An what do you mean trusted ?


An email address that is considered to be from a valid user rather than spam or malware. Addresses marked as trusted senders go into the inbox rather than the spam folder.

do you guys know how i make it that way?


Please check this doc How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

besides mails, any knowledge of a good or “free” sms plugins we can use to text information to users of order details?

You can use any SMS plugins integrated with SMS services of your choice (e.g. Twilio), but triggering SMS messages that duplicate emails would require customizations.

Posted an integration suggestion, thanks alot ihor i will probably do that in the future or use your integration

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