Embed Google Map Route

I would like to create request for a moving service where users pay for being moved from A TO B.
Therefore I would like to either have on the request form

  1. Way to embed the google route (Paste the ‘embed map code’ provided by google maps. is it possible via html enabled text field?)

2. Have a ‘Pickup’ google locations field and another locations field for ‘Destination’ (Is it possible to have two locations fields in the request form?


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Unfortunately, this version has no such feature, but we plan to add it as soon as possible.

  1. Is there an estimate time when you will add the feature (google route embed)


We don’t plan to add the route URL embedding, but there were many requests for the Location field type (this way you can add 2 locations to each request). There’s no exact timeframe yet, but we’ll try to implement this as soon as it’s possible.

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