Embedded Google Map doesn't show up publicly

I embed manually a Google Map (it starts "<iframe src=“https://www.googl…”) to a listing, but it is not visible publicly. I can see the map while I’m editing the listing, but when I view the listing as a customer, I can’t see the map. Problem is propably only with listing page, because I can see the embedded map for example on home page. I don’t use Google Map API and I’m not interested to use it (because it’s not free in the end of the day). Where could be the problem?

Please consider using the Geolocation extension, you can try using Mapbox - it’s really easy to set up and has a very generous free tier How to get a Mapbox API key - HivePress Help Center There’s no way to use Google Maps properly without an API key, embedding the iframe code will not help in this case.

Thanks for the prompt answer! Sorry to hear that anyways, unfortunately this is a deal breaker for me, since none of the options are free. All those Map APIs are expensive in use… you get 5$ per day from Adsense and pay 10$ for MAP API (real example from another site of mine)… doesn’t make any sense…

Unfortunately there are no reliable yet completely free maps APIs. Mapbox offers 100,000 Geocoding requests per month for free (so 3000 location searches per day), unless there’s high traffic on your site it may be enough - we use Mapbox for all the theme demos and we never exceeded the free tier.

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