Enable All Available Pages on Account Menu


I understand that account menu pages become available once certain criteria are met, such as the “Messages” tab showing once a message is sent or received.

Is there an option to enable all tabs by default? Or if you have a snippet to enable a page, I’ll use that and replicate it for every available page.

I know that you can use the following snippet to re-order pages on the account menu:

	function( $menu ) {
			$menu['items']['vendor_dashboard']['_order'] = 50;
		return $menu;

It used the isset() function to see if the page is set prior to application. Is there a way to “set” all of the pages?

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Sorry, there’s no other way to enable all the items by default because even if menu items appear, the pages will be redirected (each page also has its own rules checking if the page is empty, e.g. if there are no messages there’s a redirect to the account page).
Please describe the use-case for this, we may change this in future updates - do you need empty pages to add some tips and call-to-action buttons? Empty pages with “There are no messages yet.”, “There are no orders yet.” etc seemed useless so we removed them to keep the account UI as simple as possible for every user depending on their interaction with the site.


I was looking for this specifically for aesthetic purposes. Empty pages that are redirected to depending on the menu option you click would be helpful if I was able to display each menu option.

I feel that when new users/vendors first go to the account page, it appears as if it’s empty and lacking features for them to use. It may also be confusing for them to realize certain pages are enabled after certain actions are performed, as that isn’t typical for website account pages (in my experience).

I’d prefer to have all of the pages displayed from the start to allow users to see all of the great features the website supports.

One thing that would also be nice is if each menu option was built into the user account page, meaning that when you click a menu option it doesn’t redirect to a new page, but it’s loaded within that same tab dynamically. This would increase initial page load times, but should decrease overall menu load times for users who switch between menu options frequently. I’m not sure if this is something you guys are considering or not. I saw a post a while back about someone suggesting a drop-down style menu when you hover over your account name as well, which sounds like a good feature.

If what I’m looking to do (enabling all pages) can’t be accomplished it’s not the end of the world, it would just be nice to display all of the features for our users so it doesn’t look like we’re missing some.

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Thanks for your feedback, we’ll try to improve the account page UX, we plan to add live refreshing for some areas via AJAX. Unfortunately there’s no way to enable all the pages that have conditions by default, this would require customizations for each menu item and page (pages have the redirect conditions hard-coded).
Please consider adding some landing page or docs to explain the functionality to vendors as a temporary workaround.

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