Error while importing demo

Having issues importing the TaskHive demo with the One Click Demo Import plugin as per this video: How to import TaskHive demo content - HivePress Help Center

Steps to reproduce

Use “One Click Demo Import” to import demo data. After clicking “Continue and Import”, I get this error message:

Actual result

Expected result

TaskHive demo should be imported.

Extra details

  • Tried uploading the content.xml, customizer.dat, and widgets.wie manually, did not work either. Same error code.
  • Also tried raising memory limit in Multi PHP Ini Editor to 512M, did not work either. Not sure what the issue could be here.

I was able to fix the issue thankfully. It was a CloudFlare Issue it seems like, and installing the Flexible SSL plugin in WP and then creating a page rule in Cloudflare to force HTTPS on all pages fixed it.

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