Errors and delays

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There seems to be a few bugs:

  1. I can’t upload featured image (for homepage header) after deleting the old ones
  2. One of the vendor names keep switching to email address
  3. Other vendors get a very delayed email notification when someone posted a request.
  4. I also can’t find widget to change color (style) in the ‘theme customization area’
  5. How to display request as it is formated in form (or as when it is posted)

Please help, thanks

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  1. Please try following steps from this doc How to change ExpertHive header images - HivePress Help Center
  2. Can you please send us a screenshot? Does it always happen with the same vendor?
  3. Please let me know what email provider do you use and what do you mean by “very delayed”? Have you checked this doc How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center?
  4. Please provide some more details. If possible send us a screenshot of the area that you want to change.
  5. Sorry, please try explaining in different words. Do you have troubles with displaying requests on the front-end?