Exact timeframes for fixing bugs and adding features

I uploaded several bugs over half a year ago and no updates have addressed the issues. I even uploaded pictures and detailed descriptions of the bugs but nothing was fixed.
I have waited a long time i don’t know why you promise to update then never do it.


In fact it appears weird that you don’t received any reply or help you need.
@andrii , @ihor yet are here.

I know that they are busy these time improving the whole system and plugins.


Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, these bugs are still under development, and there is no exact time when we will fix them because we are still working on reorganizing the release queue, but we will try to do it as soon as possible.

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thank you for the answer, last time you mentioned a major update to filters, categories and especially attributes, do you have any update on when this will be possible?


So far, we have not updated the filter system; unfortunately, there is no exact time to implement this.

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