Exclude pages from being cached

I’m not using now the option “Save cache for logged-in users”. But the performance of the speed page is very low because of this. I want to enable it and exclude pages from being cached.

I need to know which pages are problematic to be cached? So I will exclude them after enabling the “Save cache for logged-in users” setting.

Caching for logged-in users may cause issues on all pages since there’s a login/account link in header of all pages and it requires checking the current user status. You can try to enable caching anyway, and exclude the “/submit-listing/" and "/submit-request/” URLs, these were often reported with caching enabled. Other pages seem to be ok but this requires further testing.

Thank you Ihor. Can you add capabilities in the future for caching plugins? it’s very important for speed performance.

Thanks, we’ll try to add better integration with caching plugins, at the moment we recommend using LiteSpeed cache because we use it for the theme demos so it’s regularly tested.

And if I use LiteSpeed cache plugin can I save the cache for logged-in users without any issues?

No, in the current version it also requires logged-in cache to be disabled, but the main issue I noticed is with the submit-listing/ subpages, other pages may be ok but this requires further testing.

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