Exclude price extras from commissions

Hello I have a problem, I rent with payment of reservations in “manual” and I paid our commission at 10% (of the stay), but the host has added an extra price : "I thought that the price would be added to the total price that the customer must pay to the host, but the 40€ (i.e. the totality) of the extra price (cleaning) was paid to us in addition to the 10% of the stay, HOW to rectify so that the extra price is not paid in the 10% commission (it should be calculated that 10% of the stay and 10% of the 40€ thus 4€+10% of the stay).

Please describe the steps to reproduce the issue, do you mean that the cleaning fee added via Price Extras is included in the commission amount?




We checked this issue from our side, and it seems okay.

If a user commission is set, it is calculated for the entire order amount (because price extras are added to the listing amount).

we agree on that, additional services are calculated in the amount of the ad… my problem is that my commission rate should be 10% of the total amount (ad + additional costs) but on the previous booking I was paid 10% of the ad + the total cleaning costs (100% of the cleaning costs and not 10%) example: stay booked=500€, additional cleaning costs=50€: total ad = 550€ so with my 10% commission I should receive 10% of 550€ so 55€- but I received 10% of the stay and 100% of the cleaning costs


If I understood correctly, you received 10% of the booking and 100% of the price extras instead of 10%?

Also, please tell me if you are using a deposit plugin causing this issue.

We recommend disabling third-party plugins and checking this issue again.

yes but isn’t because tierce plugin

Please share more details about the issue, what do you mean about the tierce plugin?

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