Expected behavior after a offer is accepted by a user?

We are walking through the workflow of a request using a test user and a test vendor profile. We log out of 1 and into the other to walk the request through the work flow.

When we have a request that a test vendor has made an offer on, from the user profile we click on “accept offer”. We do not see any results or changes to the request.

  • There’s no notification to either the user or the vendor that the off was accepted
  • The request does not appear in either profile as “accepted” or any other status that would
    indication that it was accepted.

Are we missing a step? a setting? Does something else need to be active or set up for our expected behavior to happen?

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Please make sure you set up emails correctly, you can check this doc How to set up emails - HivePress Help Center

Also, please disable third-party plugins and customizations (if there are any) and check if this issue persists. If you use a caching plugin, make sure that caching is disabled for logged-in users.

we set up emails with “WP Mail SMTP”.
Where do we disable caching for logged in users? so that we can ensure this is not the issue as we continue testing.
We are seeing some messaging go back and forth, but still nothing happens when we accept the offer made by a vendor. and no change in the request status. also, when we click “accept offer” we are not taken to the “Checkout” page to make payment. what can we look at to see why this is not happening?

  1. When the request is accepted, does the request get removed from public view and go into the vendors and users list of accepted/assigned requests? What is supposed to happen to the request when it’s accepted by a user?

  2. once we get this working, the next step would be for the vendor to mark the request complete and request payment. So, does a “complete/request payment” button appear on the request after the request is accepted by a user? if not, how does a vendor mark the request complete and request payment?

  3. The next step would be for the user to approve payment. Once the request is marked “complete/request payment” by the vendor, does a button appear on the request for the user to “approve/pay”? if not, how does the user approve the request for payment?

  4. is there documentation that covers all of these questions? A users guide? I’ve seen plenty of videos but it is occurring to me that if there was a complete users guide that we could probably find answers to most if not all of our questions.


For example, if you use the LiteSpeed plugin, you can disable caching in the plugin settings.

The first user creates a request, and it is published on the page. After that, another user views this request and sends an offer to it. The first user who created the request confirms the offer and proceeds to payment. The request page is automatically deleted after the order has received the completed status.

For more information, I recommend creating two users and testing how this extension works.

Thank you for your offer. We are already working on updating the documentation.

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