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After the translation of the theme and plugins for ExpertHive I still have lots of strings that are not translated.

First I made the translations with poedit as I saw that was not working I’ve installed loco translate.
The translations I’ve made with poedit saw up and there was nothing else to translate.

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing something?

Thank you

Please send a few examples of the strings you can’t find for translation, most of the strings are located in LocoTranslate>Plugins>HivePress, but they may be in other sections depending on context. For example, the “Post a Request” string is related to Requests; therefore, you can find it in Loco Translate>Plugins>HivePress Requests.
I recommend using Loco Translate instead of POEdit; this way, you can edit all the translations directly in WordPress. Make sure to select the Custom location while creating a translation in Loco How to translate HivePress - HivePress Help Center


This is just a part of what is not translated, also in home page search form " keywords "

You can see how it looks like on the link above

And on the atached image.

Thank you

Please try going through HivePress and its extensions (plugin names starting with “HivePress …”) in Loco Translate>Plugins. All of the strings marked on the screenshot are translatable, but their location depends on the context; for example, the “Reply to Listing” string can be translated in Loco Translate>Plugins>HivePress Messages since it’s related to the messaging functionality.

The “7-day notice”, “Full-Time,” etc., are custom attributes, so you can edit these in Listings>Attributes and Vendors>Attributes. These strings are added via WordPress (not in the code like static strings, so they don’t require Loco Translate).


As I said before all the hivepress plugins are translated.

I’m unable to finde many strings as you can see on the screenshot …

Member Since - Write a Review - Report Listing - Details - Reviews - Edit and the money $ and many more. Still have lots not translated and I have no idea where to finde this string. Also on the user control panel, there are several menu items not translated.

I own several other Wordpress Themes and Plugins its the first time I found it so hard to translate a Theme or Plugin.

Thank you

Please follow these instructions to change the currency symbol How to change the currency symbol - HivePress Help Center

We make sure that 100% of the strings are translatable in the code by wrapping them with the translation functions. If some strings still can’t be found, please send temporary WP access via email to, and we’ll check this issue. You can create a temporary admin link using this plugin Temporary Login Without Password – WordPress plugin |

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