Expire listing packages and hide listings

The blog page doesn’t show up like in the demo version Screenshot by Lightshot
How can I fix this ?
Also, is there a way to make a package expire in 365 days ? And if they don’t buy the package again their listings won’t be public anymore.


Please ensure that you have selected Blog in WP Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Post page.

Unfortunately, there is no such feature to specify the expiration of packages, but you can select the expiration of lists.

And if the lists expire, can the hosts buy the same package again ? How does the packages work, can you please clarify? Thank you so much!


For example, if the user buys a package with a specific limit, when the listing is added, expired, or needs to be published again, the limit is reduced by 1, and when the limit is exceeded, you can buy again.

So if a package has 10 lists allowed and the list expiration time is 5 days, after that period of time the lists is reduced by 1, so it will remain 9 lists, right ? And then the user will have to choose if he wants to publish the same list again?
And if let’s say a user buys a package that has only one 1 list allowed and the list expire in 30 days, can the user buy another package in that time (not after the expiration date)? For example a user wants to make 2 lists, can he buy the package again ?
I’m sorry for asking so many questions, english is not my main language and I don’t understand it so good, but thank you so much for helping me! :slightly_smiling_face:

The package limit is reduced if one of these occur:

  • A new listing is added
  • An existing listing is renewed

So the listing expiration doesn’t reduce the limit, but if vendor decides to make this listing visible again (renew it). Vendors can purchase listing packages anytime, even if they already have a package with a non-zero limit. A package with a higher limit will be used first.

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