Exporting payout requests when Manual payouts is enabled

Hi there Team HP

Would it be possible to do/add some sort of data export, specially the Payout Requests and the required Vendor attributes for those of us that need to do manual Payouts?

I also refer another topic Link on the vendor profile from payouts for withdrawal requested?, any update on this as doing manual payouts to the incorrect vendors due to duplicate Host names is a possibility.
Is there by chance a way to get around this as Usernames are set to be unique and we’ve set HivePress>Settings>Users>Display Name to Username, but in HivePress>Settings>Hosts the Display Name although stating (optional) is set to User Name and the drop-down only has available the custom Host attributes created, which in our case are their banking details and identity numbers (for bank account validations), neither of these are viable display names. And in Payouts it only lists Host which could have duplicates and creates a possibility of incorrect settlements to Hosts. As with my multiple test Vendor accounts I have created, my Usernames at registration are forces to be unique, but my Host name for all of the Vendor type accounts is displayed as André B.