Extras not showing correctly in checkout page


the following issue is possibly related to this one https://community.hivepress.io/t/discounts-apply-incorrectly-to-extras/7513

Steps to reproduce

Create a listing (Rentalhive) and add an Extra. Try first selecting “per place per day”. Then try adding a different listing with an Extra with option “per day”… Try creating a listing with each of the 4 options for Extras.

Actual result

At the Checkout page, a price summary will be shown. Depending on the type of Extra, it will be included directly under the SUBtotal, or it will be shown as an additional field and added to the SUBtotal to get the total.
For example, a listing of an apartment with an Extra called “Cleaning fee”.
If I chose the “per place per day option”, after I booked a night with the Cleaning fee selected, the checkout will show something like
Apartment x1 XXX
Cleaning fee (XX)
Subtotal XXX
Total XXX

If I would have selected “per booking”, at the checkout I have EXAMPLE 2
Apartment x1 XXX
Subtotal XXX
Cleaning fee YY

Expected result

I expect that the Extra charge (Cleaning fee in this example) always shows detailed, like the EXAMPLE 2, and not included in the subtotal.

Extra details

I did not test in which cases it shows under subtotal and in which cases it shows as independent, I just made examples. I suspect it correlates to the small bug described in the link I posted https://community.hivepress.io/t/discounts-apply-incorrectly-to-extras/7513/6 , in which the extras behave differently per option (per place, per day…)

To make it clear, it is only a display issue, for clarity to the customers. The total price is always calculated correctly, but the Extras are not at all clear in some cases.


We checked this issue from our side, and it seems okay. Please provide more details regarding this issue (e.g., your actions step by step with screenshots, etc.). This will help us to reproduce and resolve the issue faster.


please create a listing for an apartment. Add 4 extras, each with a different charging option (per day, per place, etc). Then book a night for one guest in that apartment and select all extras. See the checkout page.
Booking form selection in listing page:

Checkout page (one night is $120):

As you can see, each extra goes to different places in the checkout summary. You can now see which extra option goes where.

Even worse. Now try booking 3 nights:

As you can see, options 1 and 3 end up in the subtotal. Option 1 should show $3 (1 place 3 days) and option 2 should show $9 ($3 per day), but they still shows as $1 and $3. The subtotal amount (372) is correct, but it is very confusing for a customer.

Two options behave different than the other two, exactly as in the other bug https://community.hivepress.io/t/discounts-apply-incorrectly-to-extras/7513/6


Please provide more details on what exactly you mean, and what is not working, and we will try to help.


I honestly don’t know how else to explain this :sweat_smile:

Take the third example. Book 3 nights for 1 guest and add all the extra fields while booking.

The result on the checkout page in my opinion, for customer clarity and understanding, should be:

  • Apartment near the beach x3… $360
    Subtotal… $360
    Extra 1 placeday (x3)…$3
    Extra 2 perplace (x1)…$2
    Extra 3 perday (x3)…$9
    Extra 4 perbooking…$4

I am referring to all the extra fields. I think they should be all displayed individually and with the correct values under the subtotal. Currently, like in screenshot 3, a few extra fields appear before the subtotal and do not show how much the cost is for each.
You see in screenshot 3 that Extra 3 perday shows “($3)”, while after booking 3 nights it should show $9. The customer has no idea how he is being charged.

In the screenshot I also show which options show where, so you directly know which fields are problematic. Extra fields that are charged “per place” or “per booking” show correctly under the subtotal.

I hope now itś clear :pray:


Thank you for the information. Yes, it’s a small UI\UX issue, and we will try to fix it in the next update.

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