Facebook login doesn't work

I have

  • checked Auth Methods in HivePress Users
  • FB ID and secret in HP Integrations
  • created and setup FB app in FB Developer section
    It doesn’t work anyway (screenshot).
    I see in FB manuals that I need to add some “Facebook SDK для JavaScript” code in HTML. How can I add this code?


This is an issue on the part of Facebook, or perhaps your app is under review.
We recommend that you first test it in developer mode.

Is it neccessary to get company confirmation for this function?

It seems that Facebook changed their requirements recently, but please make sure that you’re requesting to collect email addresses only (not other profile data), then there should be a simple review process. The last time I checked this worked almost automatically (we went through this process to enable Facebook login on this forum).

Is it correct?
Can I cancel public_profile?

If I try to set Standard access I get this

For Advanced access I need to confirm/verificate my company. It is not problem for me but for FB technical support(( We still try to do it together…

Public profile is also required, since it also sends the first/last names but these 2 permissions are basic (email and public_profile), the verification process by Facebook should be smooth if you already tested login as a developer and it works.

It doesn’t work in Developer mode also. Same error like on first screenshot.
Can you show right settings for application or make short manual?

PS. I can login with FB if I have my user registered. But I can’t register with FB as new user.

Ok. I’m trying to set FB Login from scratch.
Is it neccessary to include these code in HTML? And how can I do it correctly?

No, the only requirement is getting those credentials (App ID and Secret) and setting them in HivePress/Settings/Integrations. Also, make sure that you use Social Login, not Authentication (it’s deprecated) extension for HivePress.

Please try following this tutorial until the step where you get the credentials How To Get An App ID and Secret Key From Facebook | Gold Plugins Also, each app in Facebook requires a domain of your site and redirect URL (you can copy it in HivePress/Settings/Users/Registration) to be set.

All the other requirements are on Facebook side, e.g. if they changes some terms regarding fetching users emails and public profiles, but the last time I went through their review it was automatic.

I had set Auth method

I had set credentials from new app
But it does’t work anyway.

I think there is some setting in FB app creating. All manuals are outdated. There is absolutely different interface.

You have great product - HivePress, it is clear and easy. But I think you need to check the process and make step by step manual (video) for this FB Login plugin. I had spent few weeks on this problem, much more that on whole website setting…
Maybe there is minor problem, but I stuck here with no chances to start my project.

Sorry for the confusion, we’ll try to improve the docs. We avoid duplicating docs of third-party platforms because they quickly get outdated (like they would in this case, FB often changes something and we have many more login methods than just FB).

Please let me know if login worked when you tested it with your FB developer account, or this issue occurs for third-party users only? By default, FB allows the app developers to test login without any issues, but if you want to collect emails of third-party users (and offer FB login to everyone on your site) you have to go through a review.

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