Failed scheduled events (twicedaily)

Under tools, Scheduled Actions, I find this:

Seemes to be spamming a bit. What is this, and how can I get it to go away?

Yes, it’s a known issue that we plan to fix in the next update, it doesn’t break any functionality - it’s a recurring event registered by HivePress, but it seems that when an event has no attached functions it’s marked as Failed.

Whats the point of this, what does it do? Ther3 are some failed, but also 50+ pages of completed events. Shall I delete them when its competed? Will they go away on their own? Feels like its cluttering up something twice a day

This “twicedaily” event is not used by HivePress core, but used by some of the extensions. It seems that events without attached actions are marked as Failed, this should be fixed now. You can ignore the past failed events, the log will be cleared sooner or later.

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